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Box name BooksYears Summary
comp-biography261979-2001 Technical biography and internet history
comp-ora201987-2010 O'reilly books about web programming and database
comp-programing.txt71977-2007 Programming tools and logic
compiler-design.txt221966-1991 Computer language Compiler and interpreter design
computer-ai.txt171968-1985 AI including Expert Systems and related languages (lisp and prolog)
computer-business.txt101991-2005 Computer business history and strategy
computer-database.txt161975-1988 Database design and programming and file systems
mixed-books1191901-1997 All sorts
operating-systems.txt71970-1984 Operating system design and Small Talk
programming-1.txt61972-1979 Computer data design and Programming logic
Software-management.txt201974-1998 Software management, software engineering and object oriented programming
tech+math-books.txt201964-1992 Basic college math texts and programming books
Number of books=200
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