Environmental and Societal Books

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Box name BooksYears Summary
earth-day-env301960-1975 Around and until first Earth Day (1972)
earth-day2181969-1981 More books of The First Earth day
economy-utopia181963-1979 Future planning and economic theory
env-distopian-1111973-1998 Fiction about distopian societies
env-distopian-2181924-1977 Fiction about distopian societies
env-history1131963-1977 Environmental history and planning
env-housebuilding161974-1992 Solar tech and house building
env-politics171970-1983 Environmental and nuclear politics
foxfire-newage141968-1982 A number of Firefox books and new age philosophy
future-communities1191949-1982 Environmental society planning
mixed-books1191901-1997 All sorts
nature171965-1976 People in nature
social-relationships1111963-1977 Explorations of phycology
sustainabilty-books.txt211963-2010 Sustainability and future planning
urban-studies161960-1974 Urban and society studies
Number of books=255
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